Central to this conference is the exploration of ways to inspire a generation of learners who are their own teachers. When learners become their own teachers they know how to learn. They can self-reflect, self-monitor, self-evaluate and most importantly, self-regulate in an environment which creates and sustains powerful cultures of learning.

Designing learning in which all learners – students, teachers, and leaders – learn not by chance but by design is our core purpose.

This conference promises to be a vibrant forum with our community of educators, education professionals and leaders across the Asia-Pacific region.

Attendees will leave with fresh ideas, best practices and tangible strategies for immediate implementation.

Join us in exploring how to inspire the next generation of learners.

  • Making Learning Visible – Corwin Professional Learning Conference – September 2022
  • In person or Virtual Attendance
  • Sept 12 & 13
  • Sydney – Hyatt Regency