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If you have a story to share—it might be something you’ve discovered that really gets your students excited about learning; maybe an enriching professional learning experience; a strategy that with trial and error you’ve finally got to work in the classroom; or your reaction to a topical issue or even a highlight from your own or a colleague’s career—you’re in the right place.

Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it and welcome pitches on all education-related issues, academic subjects and all year levels from K-12.

How to contribute


  1. Create a free account or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Create a new article from your dashboard.
  3. Enter a headline and short description (an introduction to your article), select a category and select which EducationHQ sites you believe it is relevant to.
  4. Click Next. Check details are correct.
  5. Click Save & Next.
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  9. Your article will be reviewed by our team, and please note, it may be edited for clarity and space.

Via Email

We love receiving contributions from passionate educators, school leaders and academics!

If you have a story, opinion piece or even research article you would like to submit for publication online and perhaps also in print, simply email news@educationhq.com

The details

Your article may be edited for clarity and space. Please ensure your full name and email address are accurate in your user account settings for proper crediting. Any problems? Email help@educationhq.com.


Academic contributions

We welcome contributions from passionate educators, school leaders and academics.

Send an email to news@educationhq.com with “Guest contribution: [Proposed Post Title]” in the subject line, and be sure to include the following information:

  • A few sentences describing your proposed post and a detailed outline
  • Links to any multimedia you plan to include
  • A few words about the intended target audience for your piece (for example, primary science teachers, high school maths, administrators, etc.)
  • A roughly 80-word bio with details about your role in education
  • At least two other pieces you’ve written
  • Full disclosure of any commercial interest in any products or services mentioned
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)

Please note: We value original submissions. If your post has appeared elsewhere, please indicate where and when.


Our editorial team will discuss your pitch, and if it’s accepted, we’ll ask you to forward a draft of your post. Whilst we don’t have strict word-count restrictions, contributions up to 1000 words are preferred.

All submissions to EducationHQ are subject to our Terms of Use.

We do our best to respond to all proposals within two to three weeks. If your first pitch is not accepted, we hope you’ll try again with other ideas.

Sharing ideas and best practice with your colleagues might be second nature, but pitching a story or article idea to the media may be new for you.

If you’ve never published an article before, or are wondering whether your idea is a good fit for EducationHQ’s audience, take a look at these recent contributions from our community:






If you have a story idea you’d prefer to pitch to us before you start the writing process, please get in touch with a basic outline of what you’re proposing and we’ll reply as soon as possible with feedback.  Any problems? Email help@educationhq.com.


EducationHQ reserves the retain to not publish any story, article or research uploaded, emailed or sent to EducationHQ.  Any articles deemed to be of a commercial nature will not be published.  For information about promoting a service or business please contact sales@educationhq.com