Magazine specifications

For production enquiries, please email with your six-digit ad ID and your company's name.

General notes

Please be advised that if your files do not comply with these specifications, we can not guarantee that your artwork will be printed correctly.


Please supply a finished PDF to press quality. Multiple pages or spreads should be supplied as separate PDFs. Do not add any trim or printer marks. Text margin should be 10mm from trim edge.


The minimum resolution for images is 220dpi, with 300dpi being preferred at actual size. All images must be embedded in the PDF file.


All elements must be in CMYK. If documents are to be printed in CMYK (Process), all colours including RGB and Pantones (Spot) must be converted to CMYK before making PDF files. Files supplied as RGB may not be detected and will print discoloured and dull. We will not take any responsibility for an unexpected result.

All 100% black background jobs should be converted to “rich black” using the following breakdowns C40 M0 Y0 K100. All black text should be left as 100% black unless it is more than 50pt.

File naming

File names must contain specific information about the job and adhere to the following naming convention: [ID] [CLIENT NAME] [SIZE ACRONYM]. For example: AB1234 My Business HP (for half page). 


All fonts must be embedded, outlined or converted to curves. For CMYK coloured fonts, the type must be no less than 8pt.

Transparency and overprinting

All Layers MUST be flattened. If a transparency or overprint are to be used in the document, it must be flattened and preserved within the document.


Minimum line thickness is 0.25pt. Anything less than a hairline will not hold on the press.

Digital Magazines

There is no bleed requirements for digital magazines.

Submit Artwork

Australian Teacher Magazine

Four-page pull-out (4P)
1× DPS: 520mm (w) × 310mm (h) + 5mm bleed
2× FP: 260mm (w) × 310mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Double-page spread (DPS)
520mm (w) × 310mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Full-page (FP)
260mm (w) × 310mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Half-page (HP)
Horiztonal: 240mm (w) × 143.5mm (h)
Vertical: 118.5mm (w) × 290mm (h)

Quarter-page (QP)
Block: 118.5mm (w) × 143.5mm (h)
Strip: 240mm (w) × 70.25mm (h)

Eighth-page (EP)
Block: 118.5mm (w) × 70.25mm (h)

Double-block (DB)
58mm (w) × 70.25mm (h)

Single-block (SB)
58mm (w) × 34mm (h)

Excursion, Incursion & Camp Guides

Four-page pull-out (4P)

1× DPS: 400mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed
2× FP: 200mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Double-page spread (DPS)
400mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Full-page (FP)
200mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Half-page (HP)
170mm (w) × 120mm (h)

Quarter-page (QP)
83mm (w) × 120mm (h)

Eighth-page (EP)
83 mm (w) × 56mm (h)

Student Guide

Double-page spread (DPS)
2 x 147.8mm (w) × 197.1mm (h)
DPS advertisements are displayed as consecutive advertisements within digital editions.

Full-page (FP)
147.8mm (w) × 197.1mm (h) 

Half-page (HP)
147.8mm (w) × 96mm (h)

Quarter-page (QP)
Block: 71.4mm (w) × 96mm (h)
Strip: 147.8mm (w) × 49mm (h)

No bleed.


Four-page pull-out (4P)
1× DPS: 420mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed
2× FP: 210mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Double-page spread (DPS)
420mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Full-page (FP)
210mm (w) × 275mm (h) + 5mm bleed

Half-page (HP)
180mm (w) × 118mm (h)

Quarter-page (QP)
86mm (w) × 118mm (h)