The MELBA is Australian Made certified, warrantied to Ten Years, is perfect for outdoor school events, and may be used singularly or joined together for larger groups of students.

Select Staging Concepts are proud of the safety features of MELBA, plus the simplicity of assembling and storage means just one person is needed to do the work.

Each MELBA F&R has 4 Tiers to allow approximately 24 students to be seen and heard (plus a row on the floor if needed); and the MELBA includes at no extra cost 3 safety Hand Rails to ensure there are no accidents falling off the rear or sides of the MELBA.

If outdoor assemblies and events are a popular part of the school year, the MELBA is just right. The MELBA floor is manufactured with the brilliant non-slip MAXI Hex from MAXIply. The strong birch core is protected by the weather resistant raised hexagonal phenolic film covering the timber beneath, and offering the sturdy nonslip surface so needed to protect students from accidents.

Why not be proactive and ask the Select Staging Concepts team for your school event saving quote? Order now and have delivery well in time for year end performances.

Click here and watch how MELBA performs.