Our determination to recognise and reward those that go above and beyond their job description without fanfare or fuss sits at the heart of what Unsung Heroes is all about – letting those human gems in our schools know in a big way that their work and care is appreciated.

This year is proudly brought to you by our platinum sponsor Corwin, whose objective to help educators make the greatest impact on teaching and learning is one which resonates with us deeply. Research-informed and tangible in their approach, Corwin’s range of professional learning services support schools and those that work in and around them to drive those improvements that matter most.  

So, is there someone in your school community who dodges the spotlight, who might not seek out acclaim and recognition, who might view their exceptional efforts as being all in the line of duty?

Perhaps they are an outstanding principal, a devoted teacher, or a talented school gardener. Perhaps they have changed the course of your professional life, or each day make your life so much less stressful, or have simply made a lasting impact on the students or staff in their care.

Whatever and whoever comes to mind, now is your chance to gain them the overdue recognition they deserve.

Nominations are now open for the Unsung Heroes Awards for 2019 and this time around we've included an additional category.

This year you can nominate in the categories of: Leader, Teacher, Music Teacher, Technology, Support, Teacher-Librarian, Italian Teacher and Media/Drama Teacher. 

We have some fantastic prize packages on offer, including $500 Booktopia gift voucher prizes courtesy of Corwin,  All Access Passes (Over 60 hours of online teacher training valued, at $385) from Training 24/7, $500+ prize packs from Grok Learning, a $1000 cash PD prize from ALIA Schools, a 12-month subscription to the PeopleBench Platform, as well as a $500 cash prize from Il Globo & La Fiamma.

It’s easy to nominate. Simply tell us a little about your unsung hero in the applicable category.

Happy nominating and best of luck!