Targeted at Years 3-8, the resources explore the unique and colourful story of our nation’s national symbols.

The curriculum-aligned resources are designed to help teachers and students discover the rich meaning and history of Australia’s National Anthem, flags, the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and other national symbols such as the golden wattle and opal.

The website offers a wealth of ready-made interactive lessons complete with games, quizzes, stories and activity sheets. At a time where teachers are overwhelmed with workload and struggling to find the time to create resources, the suite is a welcomed offering.

Students will love reading the short stories that double as a catalyst for the subsequent lessons and as an opportunity to build crucial literacy skills. In Years 3-4, students help Kai, Mila and Kangaroo to solve the case of the missing Emu. Years 5-6 students will crack codes to help stop a mischievous marsupial from sabotaging the city, and Years 7-8 students must defeat The Hacker to earn themselves a place in The Great Australian Race.

Whilst working to solve the cases, students uncover the meaning behind the lyrics of the Australian National Anthem, the stories of Australia’s flags, and the history of many iconic symbols that define the nation.

The website offers the following:

Student Resources - Student facing resources that use narrative to frame the content. Students are able to access downloadable stories and activity sheets, or can opt to complete the interactive lessons and play an exciting game to consolidate learnings in a gamified manner.

Teacher Guides - Comprehensive guides to support teachers are available for every lesson and include; lesson objectives, Australian Curriculum outcomes, suggestions for differentiation and advice on creating culturally inclusive classrooms. Teachers are also provided with background information and history in addition to a wide range of supplementary cross-curricular activities that can be used within the classroom, as research projects, or as independent learning opportunities for students who are keen to extend their learning.

At Home Learning - To continue the learning at home, parents and guardians can also access a vault of downloadable resources to help boost children’s understanding of the content. There’s something for everyone with the guides including discussion questions, background information, and fun suggestions for ways families can deepen their understanding of Australia’s symbols.

All sessions are linked to the Australian Curriculum in a cross-curricular manner targeting students across Years 3-8 and bringing together learnings from:

- history,

- civics and citizenship,

- mathematics,

- science, and

- the arts.

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