The MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser is an ingenious "Made In Australia" solution for those requiring a quick, efficient and safe Choir Riser assembly ideal for school events indoors and out. 

Our unique in house Australian design eliminates unsafe pinch points, heavy lifting and the need for more than one person to operate the MELBA Fold & Roll - it just simply and easily wheels around within the School grounds and buildings, then when in place, the gas-struts make lowering and raising the deck tier unit a smooth and effortless operation.

The MELBA Choir Riser has 4 generously proportioned levels of MAXI Hex non-slip risers; 200, 400, 600 & 800mm high, allowing each level to fit up to 6 performers – a total of up to 24 per MELBA (plus an additional row of students on the ground if required). The main body of risers and framework is constructed in 1 complete unit – the only removable components are the Safety Hand Rails.

Safety is a priority and each MELBA Fold & Roll unit comes complete with removable Handrails as standard additions - one at the rear of the Choir Riser, plus 2 side Safety Rails which are quickly and easily affixed to the main Choir Riser body in a matter of minutes using our sturdy T-Bolt and Hand Wheel system. When not in use, the detachable Handrails are cleverly stored on the rear Hooks of the MELBA Fold & Roll.

Don't stop at one MELBA and limit the choir opportunities for students. As your Choir grows in number just add another MELBA Fold & Roll. Each MELBA is designed to simply join to the next unit  to create an impressive mobile Choir Riser.

Not sure how the MELBA will work for you - just look at the Video and be reassured.

Honour your school community with a rousing choral event on the MELBA Fold & Roll Choir Riser - an Australian success story designed and made by Select Staging Concepts. So, go on. Contact us now and make 2021 the year of choral performance joy.