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Subjects & Topics "Biology", "Cross-curricular topics / Animals and pets", "Geography / People and environment"
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All About Chickens: A Year 7 Science Conference

This activity is designed to help Year 7 students understand interactions between organisms and how humans might impact on these interactions. Specifically, it is designed with the intent of encouraging students to consider the contemporary animal welfare issues inherent in chicken meat farming in Australia and how science may be used to examine and resolve these issues.

The learning sequence for this activity begins by watching a video on chicken behaviour, both within and outside of a farm environment. Students then read information on one aspect of life for a broiler (meat) chicken before creating their own annotated posted for the 'All About Chickens: A Year 7 Science Conference'. Finally, students reflect upon ways in which science can impact on the lives and experiences of animals.


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Video: How are Chickens Raised for Meat in Australia? Chicken Welfare in the Meat Industry.
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