Lesson Plan - Dolphins in Captivity - Science Year 7 - Animal Classification

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Subjects & Topics "Citizenship / Rights and responsibilities", "Citizenship / Rules, laws and justice", "Geography", "Philosophy and ethics / Moral philosophy", "Biology / Ecology", "Geography / People and environment", "Cross-curricular topics / Animals and pets"
Year Levels Year 7
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Animal Classification, Marine Food Webs and Human Impacts on Dolphins

The learning sequence for this activity begins by considering where dolphins and humans are placed in terms of the classification of organisms. It then examines where dolphins are in a food chain and how human activities around dolphin capture affect this. The impact of human activities on captive dolphins and the nature of the captive habitat is also discussed.


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Wild vs Captive Dolphins: 10 things you didn’t know about dolphins!
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Lesson Plan: Dolphins in Captivity Science Year 7
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