Lesson Plan - Broiler Chicken Welfare - Civics and Citizenship Year 8 - Knowledge and Understanding

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Subjects & Topics "Citizenship", "Citizenship / Democracy and government", "Cross-curricular topics / Animals and pets"
Year Levels Year 8
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Active Citizenship in Australia's Democracy 

This activity is designed to help Year 8 students understand active citizenship through analysing issues related to raising chickens for their meat. This activity will provide teachers with practical advice about how to increase student understanding of meat chicken farming in Australia. Specifically, it will; improve understanding of animal welfare issues in both factory and free-range chicken meat farming, encourage students to challenge popular beliefs about free-range chicken meat farming, provide opportunities for students to develop and display leadership skills within their school, allow students to peer-teach horizontally and vertically about an issue affecting most people’s lives in Australia, and, facilitate an opportunity for older students to inspire a higher level of active citizenship in younger students at the school.

The learning sequence for this activity begins by watching a short animation on chicken behaviour in a farming and non-farming setting. It then explores nine key issues associated with the farming of chickens for meat before students work together to investigate these in depth. Finally, students present their research to a younger year level and encourage them to get active in their own communities.


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Video: How are Chickens Raised for Meat in Australia? Chicken Welfare in the Meat Industry.
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