Dairy Australia — Unbeatable Bones Module (UB)

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Year Levels Foundation, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 5, Year 6
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Welcome to the 'Unbeatable Bones' learning module which covers the importance of building and maintaining strong, healthy bones during childhood and throughout life. Here, you will find facts about bones and the human skeleton, how dairy foods can help to build strong bones, and information about osteoporosis and the actions that we can take to reduce the risk of brittle bones. You’ll also discover a range of curriculum-linked resources to assist in delivering these messages in the classroom, including lesson plans, activity ideas and presentations, as well as a range of student worksheets and digital interactives.

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Calcium crusaders - The mission to healthy bones, Lower Primary, Lesson 2 (UP)
pdf, 117.7 KB
Bone Basics, Lower Primary, Lesson 1 (UB)
pdf, 178.8 KB
Bones: Your calcium bank, Middle Primary, Lesson 1 (UP)
pdf, 109.7 KB
The importance of dairy foods, Middle Primary, Lesson 2 (UP)
pdf, 116.8 KB
How to build strong, healthy bones, Upper Primary, Lesson 1 (UP)
pdf, 92.0 KB
Serves of dairy every day, Upper Primary, Lesson 2 (UP)
pdf, 50.4 KB
Unbeatable Bones Module (UB)
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