Dairy Australia — Fuel for Life Module (FFL)

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Dairy Australia's education portal Discover Dairy provides primary school teachers with all the tools and resources needed to bring the Australian dairy industry into the classroom. The 'Fuel for Life' learning module explores the importance of a balanced diet for children in providing them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and be active. In this module, teachers will find facts about kids’ energy needs, the importance of healthy eating from the five food groups and information on the types of foods which provide rich sources of nutrients for children’s growth and development. To assist in delivering these topics in the classroom, teachers will find a range of curriculum-linked resources, including lesson plans, activity ideas and presentations, as well as a range of student worksheets and digital interactives.

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All About Energy - Lower primary, Lesson 1 (FFL)
pdf, 91.2 KB
Nutrient Rich vs Nutrient Poor, Lower Primary, Lesson 2 (FFL)
pdf, 96.9 KB
Five Food Groups, Middle Primary, Lesson 1 (FFL)
pdf, 100.6 KB
Serves Sizes, Middle Primary, Lesson 2 (FFL)
pdf, 261.4 KB
A healthy balanced diet, Upper Primary, Lesson 1 (FFL)
pdf, 102.5 KB
Choosing a 'nutrient-rich' diet, Upper primary, Lesson 2 (FFL)
pdf, 146.3 KB
Fuel for Life Module
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