Be My Buddy Module

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The Be My Buddy module is based on the work of a champion Better Buddies school, St Charles Borromeo,
who took the philosophy of buddies and the idea of a community model, and moulded these into a project to
meet the needs of their students, school and community.

This project preserved the core focus of Better
Buddies as a buddy system to support students’ transition to school, while building the concept of buddies into
the wider community.

The focus of Be My Buddy is the development of genuine, authentic relationships with people in the local and
wider community. Through the development of relationships, students have the opportunity to demonstrate the
values and skills that are at the core of Better Buddies, while actively engaging with the world outside the walls
of the classroom.

In establishing relationships with the broader community, students also have the opportunity
to participate in real-world contextualised learning that produces tangible outcomes.

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Be My Buddy Module
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