Business management key performance indicators - definitions and examples printables

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Year Levels Year 11, Year 12
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Key performance indicators are tools that are used by a business to measure performance. They inform managers and business owners about their efficiency and effectiveness in operating the business. Many aspects of business performance can be measured using key performance indicators, and they are useful in a wide range of business types.

This printable pack includes definitions and examples for 10 different key performance indicators:

  1. percentage of market share
  2. net profit
  3. rate of productivity growth
  4. number of customer complaints
  5. number of workplace accidents
  6. number of sales
  7. level of staff turnover
  8. level of wastage
  9. rate of staff absenteeism
  10. sales conversion time


The printables provide an easy study tool for students completing business management courses, such as VCE Unit 3 (Victoria).

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