Maths outdoors - 40 printable task cards for outdoor maths learning

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The outdoors is perfect for helping children analyze, apply, evaluate and create using their developing math skills. These outdoor math task cards encourage children to solve or create in response to an open ended task. There are 40 task cards, which can be used to suit a wide variety of skills and knowledge within a single class or group. Encourage learners to select task cards which suit their interests and then help them plan how they will respond to the task - will they write a note, create a worded problem, draw a sketch, make a graph, collect some data? The choice is up to the students, and they are able to work in individual ways that suit their preferences as learners.


The 40 task cards include prompts such as:

  • making music using water and some glass jars
  • estimating the height of a tree
  • creating a map of the local neighborhood
  • making a fitness journal
  • teaching a friend to juggle
  • building a bug hotel
  • hosting a sports event
  • comparing the heights of family members
  • finding an example of the Fibonacci sequence in nature
  • looking for examples of symmetry outdoors
  • taking digital photographs of natural objects
  • estimating then measuring the number of steps around the block
  • collecting water on a rainy day and using the correct units to measure the total



Each card can be printed on a half A4 page (2 to a page) and have been designed to be easily printed in black and white to save ink. 

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