Solving the Crowded Curriculum 7 - 10: Shepparton

Secondary schools are now updating their Geography and History curriculums for Years 7–10. Expert teachers from HTAV and GTAV will show you how to achieve this.

Date October 6, 2016 - October 6, 2016
Time 9:00am - 2:30pm

Goulburn Valley Grammar School
455 Verney Road
Shepparton VIC 3630

9.30 am–9.45 am
Update on Victorian Curriculum for 7–10
Stephen Latham, GTAV; Jo Clyne, HTAV​

Session 1: 9.45 am–10.30 am
Research, Create, Share: Exploring Story and Place with Museum Victoria
Cameron Hocking, Museum Victoria​

Museum Victoria holds over 17,000,000 million collection items, many of which relate to Victoria. In this session, you will explore how students can find and use these items in their studies and how to find teacher resources to support learning. We will also look at a range of tools that can be used by students to explore their local area, create digital histories and share their work.
Please bring your device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone) to this session.

10.30 am–10.45 am
Morning Tea

Session 2: 10.45 am–11.30 am
Exploring Australian History Mysteries for Secondary Students

Tim and Tricia Gurry, Ryebuck Media

Tim and Tricia Gurry will demonstrate the content, pedagogy and learning outcomes of the subscription-based Australian History Mysteries secondary website produced in partnership with the National Museum of Australia. The website currently contains eighteen case studies comprising a wealth of video, print and interactive content with more under development. The case studies are especially relevant to Years 7–10 and adopt an inquiry-learning approach that encourages historical skills development, including equipping students with the capacity to develop historical thinking and imagination. Please bring your device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone) to this session. You will be provided with a free seven-day subscription.

Session 3: 11.30 am–12.30 pm: Please choose ONE workshop

3a: History: Digital Storytelling – Students Creating Videos Using Historical Sources

Cameron Hocking, Melbourne Museum

Digital storytelling offers an interesting and engaging way for students to present their research and explore history. In this session you will explore methods for making the most out of a variety of resources, learn documentary filmmaking techniques and hear about a project exploring migration and cultural diversity using film in the classroom.
Please bring your device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone) to this session.

3b: History: Innovative Technology for the History Classroom
Jo Clyne, HTAV

History classrooms are the perfect platforms for students and teachers to challenge themselves and use innovative technologies to enrich each topic. In this session, Jo will showcase examples of student work, share free resources and teach you how to use a few of her favourite apps.
Please bring your device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone) to this session.

3c: Geography: Geography Levels 7–10 Overview and Resources

Stephen Latham, GTAV

The workshop will introduce each of the eight 7–10 Geography units and highlight the geographical concepts and skills necessary to provide an engaging learning program. This practical workshop will also showcase a range of resources that are available to teach Geography in 7–10. Advice on integrating fieldwork, Google Earth and other digital technologies will also be provided.

12.30 pm–1.30 pm

Session 4: 1.30 pm–2.30 pm: Please choose ONE workshop

4a: History: On Not Reinventing the Wheel
Jo Clyne, HTAV​

Jo will take you through a range of free resources developed by the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria and show you how to minimise your lesson preparation time. Resources include free books, documentaries, online exhibitions and easily accessible primary sources.

4b: Geography: Fun and Engaging Ways of Teaching and Promoting Geography
Stephen Latham, GTAV

Do students at your school think Geography is boring? Do you need to boost your numbers in the senior years? Get some practical and useful ideas to help improve engagement in Geography in Years 7–9 and promote Geography at your school. Lots of examples of engaging activities will be presented which cover a range of year levels in the new Victorian Curriculum. This session will also include a brief outline of the new VCE Geography Study Design Units 1–4 to be fully implemented in 2016. 

$66.00 (GST inclusive)