History Teachers' Association of Victoria (HTAV)

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The History Teachers' Association of Victoria is committed to fostering an outstanding professional community which meets the challenges of the teaching and learning of history in a dynamic environment. It pursues this goal within the state of Victoria, throughout Australia and internationally.

The HTAV seeks to ensure that History teachers and other educators have the skills, knowledge and values necessary to work in a creative, responsible and effective manner. It promotes life-long learning and respect for the discipline of History in the community.

The HTAV is an organisation of people interested in history, at all levels. The History Teachers' Association of Victoria was founded by a group of teachers and was incorporated in Melbourne in 1980. It currently has four executive board members, eight non-executive board members and eleven members of staff.

The aim of the HTAV is to promote the teaching of history. Board meetings of the Association are held each month during the school year in the office located at Suite 105, 134-136 Cambridge St, Collingwood.

The Association has two ongoing publications. The Bulletin, an electronic newsletter available eight times a year, and Agora, the quarterly journal, available electronically and in hard-copy. Both publications provide members with the latest information relevant to the teaching of history. Membership of the HTAV is highly recommended and a great way to keep up to date with professional development.

Meri Rametta
Suite 105, 134-136, Cambridge Street