Foundations for Success: Music for Early Childhood and Diverse Abilities (all ages)

An active day of music making with expert teachers and facilitators.

Date November 16, 2019 - November 16, 2019
Time 9:30am - 3:00pm

Two streams will be offered:

Diverse Abilities (All ages)
Enhancing students':

  • language and communication skills through music
  • participation and engagement in music classes
  • Supporting executive functioning and sensory processing needs to increase success in the music classroom
  • Adjustments to instruction and assessments to increase accessibility and achievability for all students. 

Early Childhood Music

  • Develop young children’s musicality, self-expression and discover ways to help young children become confident movers and music makers! 
  • The development of the brain through improvising in the early years

Both Streams

Rhythmic and melodic concepts taught through engaging movement activities (for all ages/abilities

Presenters: Lisa Shepard, Renee Heron, Ebony Birch-Hanger and special guest  

Early Bird Special registration with payment by Wednesday 23 October: $90 KMEIA Members  |  $110 Non Members  

$110 KMEIA Members  |  $130 Non Members Includes Morning Tea and lunch

Kilvington Grammar 2 Leila Rd
Ormond VIC