Australian Society for Music Education (ASME)

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The Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) was established in 1967. Its establishment followed discussions between nationwide representatives after the successful UNESCO Conference on Music Education held in Sydney in July 1965. The purpose of ASME is to encourage and advance music education at all levels as an integral part of general education and community life, and as a profession within the broad field of music.

The Aims of ASME are:

  • to support the right of every person in Australia to access a quality music education
  • to promote continuous, sequential and developmental music education experiences
  • to foster the development and extension of professional knowledge and skills in music education
  • to seek to improve the status of music education in all learning contexts
  • to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and research
  • to encourage Australian music and composers
  • to promote the rich diversity of musical traditions within Australia
  • to encourage the use of emerging technologies in music education
  • to recognise and encourages innovative pedagogies in music education

ASME’s aims are implemented by such means as:

  • publishing The Australian Journal of Music Education, ASME Update, Chapter Newsletters and Journals, reports of ASME conferences and other relevant publications
  • organising conferences, lectures, seminars and workshops at both national and Chapter levels
  • encouraging increased involvement in music and music education by ASME members and students
  • establishing and promoting liaison between music educators at all levels – within each Chapter, across Chapters, and in other countries
  • co-operating with all music organisations, with other official bodies representing other fields of education, and with those responsible for administration at all levels of education throughout the nation.

ASME is Australia’s only affiliate organisation of the International Society for Music Education (ISME), which exists under the auspices of UNESCO’s Music Council. ASME also represents music education on the National Advocates for Arts Education (NAAE).

As an Australia-wide organisation, ASME operates under a National Executive and representative National Council who work through Chapters in Australia’s States and Territories in accordance with the Constitution.

At the State and Territory levels, ASME is represented by Chapter Councils which include the positions of Chapter Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as non-office bearing Chapter Council members. All ASME personnel work in an honorary capacity.

At the National and Chapter levels, ASME represents music education in its broadest sense.

Australian Society for Music Education (Inc) Trust Fund

In 1993, the Australian Society for Music Education (Inc) Trust Fund was established. It is registered as a tax deductible fund on the Registrar of Cultural Organisations, Subdivision 30-B, section 30-100 Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The fund will be used to establish a capital base and the interest will be used for activities with the following objectives:

  • the encouragement of young Australians in the fields of performance and compostion;
  • the sponsoring of the development of young music educators;
  • the housing of resource material and provision of professional development activities for music educators
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