Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (AFMLTA)

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The Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA Inc.) is the national professional body representing teachers of all languages in Australia.


To provide vision, leadership, representation, advocacy and support for quality teaching and learning of languages.


High quality languages teaching and learning enables young Australians to engage meaningfully with the world around them in local and global contexts.  Integral to high quality languages teaching and learning is the role of the languages educator.  As the peak body for languages educators in Australia, the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations (AFMLTA) is entrusted with leadership and growth of the Associations capacities now and into the future.


Member Services

  • Provide services to the state and territory Language associations as the peak body for languages educators
  • Provide a digital space as a repository for key information and for member interaction and contributions
  • Recognize and encourage outstanding contributions to the field of language education
  • Develop leadership in and service to language education
  • Provide timely information to members on issues

Leadership, Representation & Advocacy

  • Position the AFMLTA as the national voice for Languages educators
  • Maintain a high profile for the AFMLTA as the peak Professional Teaching Association (PTA) for teachers of Languages in Australia
  •  Support Languages as a key learning area identified in the Melbourne Declaration and the Australian Curriculum
  • Engage in strategic collaborative partnerships
  • Develop policy and professional agendas based on the needs of the Languages profession and be able to respond to pressing issues (state, national, language- specific) for the language profession in a timely fashion

Research and Professional Practice

  • Identify and undertake research in language education and translation of research findings into practice
  • Promote the use of the AFMLTA Professional Standards for guiding professional practice for Languages teachers
  • Promote inquiry to inform the practice of Languages teachers
  • Support Languages educators in working within their local state and national contexts and in using the relevant guiding policies and documents
  • Facilitate a biennial national conference
  • Work with state MLTAs to facilitate professional learning
  • Publish Babel as the academic journal of Languages Educators in Australia

Governance & Operations

  • Ensure prudent organizational and financial management of the organization
  • Ensure a dynamic and responsive organizational structure
  • Act in accordance with the AFMLTA Constitution and Working Rules


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