Vote for Australia's Unsung Hero - Support

After receiving hundreds of entries in our Unsung Heroes competition, it was incredibly hard to whittle the list of worthy recipients down to just five for each category. Now it's your turn to decide. Which one of the five shortlisted support staff below do you believe to be Australia's most deserving Unsung Hero? (Please note: Voting closes at 17:00 AEST on December 9, 2019.)



Here are this year’s final nominees:

Kate Jones

Lake Tuggeranong College, ACT

Nominated by Holly Godfree (colleague)

Kate is a living breathing library catalogue and a human 'teacher resource'. She's worked in our library since it opened 20 years ago and balances her rich corporate knowledge with innovative practice. She is thorough, highly organised, 100% reliable, prompt, kind, wise and funny. Teachers, teacher librarians, students, and admin staff all trust her and seek her out as an in-house expert and effective problem solver. She also is deeply knowledgeable and compassionate about students with disabilities and their families, using that knowledge as a lens for us to consider things we may not have.  She NEVER seeks praise and yet is a lynchpin in our school.


Stacey Ellice

Orange Anglican Grammar School, NSW

Nominated by Gabrielle Seton (colleague)​

Stacey is the Executive PA and Administration Manager at Orange Anglican Grammar School, but wears many hats. She looks after all social media for OAGS, advertising/marketing opportunities, support to not only her administration team but also to all teaching and non-teaching staff in the school, crisis control for almost any issue that arises anywhere within the school, parent liaison, and much, much more. She is someone that all parents, carers and staff feel as though they can speak to about anything, and she provides reassurance and support in any situation and always leads people in the right direction for their situation. Stacey always has her phone in hand for emails, calls, texts or social media and is always aware of any risen situation at anytime - day or night. Stacey is one who doesn't do her job and the extras for recognition, but for the love of the school and the opportunities given to our students and the unity and growth of our community.


Ann Margaret Rose
Northside Christian College, QLD

Nominated by Sam Ryan and Agnese Middleton (colleagues)​

For the last 13 years, Ann-Margaret Rose has been the Volunteers Coordinator at Northside Christian College. It would not be overstating it to say that the inclusive and serving culture of the school has been directly influenced by her efforts. This genuine and contagious heart to serve the community is why we are nominating Ann-Margaret for the Support award. She leads the school’s volunteers team (between 400-500 a year) by setting an example – she is the very first one to reach out and provide emotional, practical and administerial support beyond expectations. She is loved by the students (who she teaches as relief), parents (who she welcomes, encourages and unites) and staff (who she serves relentlessly). In the office she is known by many names; including “The Diffuser” – for her ability to go into any unhappy situation, listen, comfort and diffuse it, and “Glue to our community” – bridging the gaps between relationships and across different schooling disciplines and cultures... On top of this, she is personable, kind, generous and fun. Ann Margaret works 4-5 days a week… when she is paid for 2, organises volunteer rosters for our café, excursions, etc  and always including herself when there is volunteer shortfall. She’s involved in the school musical, creating costumes, props and make-up and is in a group comprised of parent volunteers in order to connect new parents into the school community. She does all of this without looking for a spotlight.


Susan MacLeod

Bentleigh West Primary School, VIC

Nominated by Sarah Asome

Sue wears many hats in the school to keep everything running smoothly, while juggling plates! A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes with the leadership team that she is responsible for. She is humble and never says no! From daily organisation of replacement teachers to dealing with wellbeing issues, such as children suffering anxiety, she does it all and without any complaining. Sue goes the extra mile to help teachers and ES staff, whether that is an extra yard duty or helping with writing children's individual plans to supporting people completing placements. She is a massive vital cog that keeps the wheels turning at BWPS.


Gaylene Williams

Noosa District State High School - Cooroy Campus

Nominated by Sandra O'Connor (colleague)

Gaylene goes out of her way to help all students in Support Services/Diverse Learners, whether they have a disability or not. She always has a smile on her face and is a welcoming beacon in Support Services.  Gaylene shows compassion, empathy, and understanding to both students and teachers, brightening up everyone's day.  Gaylene always performs her tasks to the best of her ability and her initiative and promptness at getting everything done is always under-recognised. She makes coming to work more enjoyable. Gaylene is the 'go-to' person everyone accesses, she always goes above and beyond in her position. If its lost, she finds it, if its broken, she knows what to do with it, if they’re hurt, she nurses them.  Gaylene runs a tight unit and without her it would be chaos. We would love to show our appreciation for her and the work that she does.



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