Lesson Plan - Legal Personhood - Geography, Yr 10

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Subjects & Topics "Citizenship / Rights and responsibilities", "Citizenship / Rules, laws and justice", "Geography", "Philosophy and ethics / Moral philosophy", "Philosophy and ethics / Philosophical problems", "Geography / People and environment", "Understanding the world / Animals", "Geography / Geography skills", "Primary science / Animals and habitats"
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Animals: Property or Persons?

The learning sequence for this activity is designed to give students insight into work by scientists to better understand animal intelligence and the work of lawyers to have this reflected in our courts. Species such as Great Apes, cetaceans and elephants are currently the focus of the work of the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), which challenges us all to rethink the human-animal duality. Using the geographical inquiry method, students will undertake learning tasks with a final real-world outcome.


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Animals: Property or Persons?
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