Lesson Plan - Legal Personhood - Civics, Year 7

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Subjects & Topics "Understanding the world / Animals", "Philosophy and ethics / Moral philosophy", "Philosophy and ethics / Philosophical problems", "Government and politics", "Citizenship / Rules, laws and justice"
Year Levels Year 7
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A Person By Any Other Name? Legal Personhood and Animals

The learning sequence for this activity addresses the question of where other species and environments (such as animals and rivers) 'fit' within Australia's legal system. It begins by examining terms and concepts related to this topic as a result of watching a video exploring the application of legal personhood to non-human animals. Students go on to discuss the ideas in the video before attempting to apply them to their own lives.

Lesson Plan: https://www.voiceless.org.au/content/legal-personhood-activity-1-civics-and-citizenship-year-7

Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/305159863/legal-personhood-ape-vocabulary-flash-cards/

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Animals: Property or Persons?
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