AHPES Phys Ed For Years 5-6

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Subjects & Topics "Physical education / Outdoor and adventure activities", "Physical development / Games", "Physical development / Moving and handling", "Physical education", "Physical education / Games and sports", "Physical education / Healthy, active lifestyle"
Year Levels Year 5, Year 6
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(This is an Australian Curriculum Photocopy masters - 50 pages)

AHPES Phys Ed For Years 5-6 is part of the Australian Health And Physical Education Series which comprises ten books altogether. This book contains over 40 physical activities which have been trialled by both single-sex and mixed-sex groups.

Each page of AHPES Phys Ed For Years 5-6 clearly specifies the basic equipment and area needed to carry out each activity, and the instructions are well-supported with helpful diagrams. The overall emphasis of Phys Ed For Years 5-6 is on enjoyment and fun.

Edited by: Lindsay Marsh

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