AHPES Phys Ed For Years 1-2

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Subjects & Topics "Physical education / Outdoor and adventure activities", "Physical development / Games", "Physical development / Moving and handling", "Physical development / Our bodies", "Physical education", "Physical education / Games and sports", "Physical education / Healthy, active lifestyle"
Year Levels Year 1, Year 2
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(This is an Australian Curriculum Photocopy masters - 48 pages)

AHPES Phys Ed For Years 1-2 is part of the Australian Health And Physical Education Series which comprises ten books altogether. This book has been written to help students enjoy participating in physical activities at school, and to encourage them to be physically active every day.

The activities outlined in AHPES Phys Ed For Years 1-2 also teach students how physical activities can be done safely and how exercise affects their growing bodies.

Author: Miranda Mason

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