The funding has been committed as part of the 2024-25 State Budget to supplement the student funding that is provided to all Western Australian public schools.

This will include more Individual Disability Allocation funding to support the growing number of students diagnosed with a disability.

It is in addition to the educational adjustment allocation that provides extra funding for schools to support their students with learning difficulties and additional classroom support needs.

“Schools should be places where everyone feels welcomed, understood, accepted, and valued,” Education Minister Dr Tony Buti said in a statement.

“Education has a crucial role to play to ensure that those living with disability are fully included in all aspects of society and receive equal access to learning opportunities.”

Improving outcomes for students with disability will also be the focus of a review of the School Education Act 1999.

An expert panel is being established to oversee the review, which will be chaired by Telethon Kids Institute autism researcher, Professor Andrew Whitehouse.

This includes identifying any potential gaps in the legislation where it could be beneficial to introduce a legislative position.

“Over time, the Department of Education has seen an increase in Individual Disability Allocation expenditure as the number of students diagnosed with a disability increases,” Buti said.

“This included an increase of 1639 students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder over the past year.

“This ongoing funding commitment will ensure that those students with additional learning needs continue receiving the resources and support they need to learn and thrive at school.”