For teachers looking for relevant, curriculum-linked  educational opportunities, the AIA Healthiest Schools Program Virtual Classrooms hit the mark.

The 45 minute sessions engage students through a combination of fun facts, quizzes and live Q&As. Sessions are supported with additional classroom activities and resources from The AIA Healthiest Schools website.

Designed for Years 2 - 6, teachers can choose to register for one or more sessions. 

Health and Sustainability 

In this session our special guest presenter, zoologist, author, educator and television presenter Chris Humfrey will explore the relationship we have with our planet and how we rely on its resources to keep us healthy. Students will investigate how to maintain a balance with our needs and the environment using sustainable practices. 

Mental Wellbeing 

Doctor, author and TV host Dr. Preeya Alexander will discuss and encourage students to recognise the range of emotions we feel. Students will be introduced to useful strategies to help manage their feelings and approach different scenarios.

Healthy Eating 

Marika Day is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist who advocates for a balanced approach to health and wellbeing. During this session she will provide an overview of what healthy eating entails  and its importance by recognising food as fuel that gives our bodies energy. Students will investigate interesting facts about fruits and vegetables, how they grow and some of their unique qualities.

Active Lifestyles

Join Olympic diver Anabelle Smith as she shares her insights on the importance of living an active lifestyle. During this session students will explore the benefits for both body and mind when engaging in physical activity.


Teacher testimonials:

‘My students loved the VCs! They were engaging and the students learnt so much. Thanks Chris for teaching us how to make a difference to the Earth, so that it lasts forever and how to protect animals in our area.’ Stage 3 teacher St Bernadette’s PS

‘Winner! My students had so much fun doing the follow up yoga activities.’ Stage 2 teacher, St Andrew’s PS

‘Being able to be taught how to dive by an Olympian was awesome.’ Stage 2/3 teacher, Beeac PS

‘A very informative, interactive way to engage students with a range of topics with information from trained professionals.’ Stage 3 teacher, St Andrew’s PS

The AIA Healthiest Schools Program Virtual Classrooms make the perfect addition to any teacher’s planning for Term 1. To register your class for any or all of the free sessions click here.

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