UNSW School of Education

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Our School The School of Education, located in the John Goodsell Building on the Kensington campus of UNSW was established in 1960. It specialises in educational research and teacher education at the preservice and inservice levels, with a particular focus on secondary and higher education contexts. It has more than 1800 students, including over 100 higher degree students, and nearly 135 academic, administrative and school-based staff from all around the world.


The School of Education aspires to lead the study and practice of education nationally and internationally through academic excellence in learning and teaching as well as research, to influence public policy and improve community life through extensive social engagement and knowledge transfer, and to nurture global and ethical citizens who are passionately committed to the continuous improvement of education worldwide.


In realising our vision, we will endeavour:

  • To advance scholarship and engage in research with high impact internationally, nationally and locally;
  • To pioneer new developments in curriculum and pedagogy, and to become a role model for innovative evidence-based educational practice;
  • To nurture graduates of distinction with a global outlook, who are committed to lifelong learning, ethical practice and professionalism, and capable of becoming leaders in their fields;
  • To engage in productive partnerships with other academics, professional groups, and individuals and organisations in the wider educational community in order to generate, integrate, exchange, transfer and apply knowledge, build capacity, and enhance educational opportunities for all;
  • To develop and sustain a collegial, inclusive, supportive, and flexible culture that will attract and nurture students and staff of the highest calibre in an environment that inspires creativity, multi-disciplinarity, academic excellence, innovation and social justice.


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