The River School, Maleny

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The River School is a community of learning including students from Pre-Kindy to Year 6, teachers, administrators and parents. It is located four kilometres from Maleny on 26 acres of land, 15 of which is rainforest and creek.

The River School is part of a global Neohumanist Education movement which teaches love and respect for all humanity as well as all living and non-living beings. Through meditation and yoga children learn to experience peace and connectedness; through play-based and excellent academic education they learn how to use their gifts to make a difference; and through the arts they learn how to express their creativity with joy.

The school models sustainability by reducing, reusing and recycling in all areas of school life: from the vegetarian tuck shop, organic gardening, composting and mulching, rainwater collection and solar panels, to personal and social sustainability through enhancing inner peace, teaching moral values and training in relationship-building, leadership and service-oriented programmes.

The River School strives to build a strong cooperative community within and around the school and is part of a network of Neohumanist schools throughout the world.

251 Bridge Creek Road (PO Box 411)
Maleny QLD 4552