Sydney Tower Eye

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Sydney Tower Eye is the highest building in Sydney, standing 309 metres high. The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck is 250 metres above street level and Sydney Tower Eye SKYWALK is 268 metres above the city streets. Find out more about our excursions below!

The Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck & SKYWALK offers the ultimate view of Sydney and beyond, where visitors where can enjoy a horizon-to-horizon panorama. With both day and night viewing available, there's simply no better place to experience the beauty of one of the world's most picturesque cities.

Sydney Tower Eye is a perfect excursion destination for high achievers. All of Sydney is showcased with the best views in the city. With the Observation Deck standing 250 metres above street level and offering 360 degree views, students get to experience all of Sydney, past and present, in one location.

An experience on the Sydney Tower Eye is the perfect way to bring lessons to life on a range of subjects. It's an eye-opener in every sense. Free binoculars and state of the art touch screens make learning even easier. Take your students on an inspiring journey of discovery that brings Sydney to life through breathtaking perspectives with unique views and multi-sensory effects, including wind, bubbles and mist during the brand 4D cinema experience, free with every entry. The film is approximately 4 minutes long and will take the students on a journey like no other.

Up on the Observation Deck, Sydney Tower Eye allows students to experience Australia as a Nation. Learning can be assisted with great views of Botany Bay and The Rocks, assisting with British Colonisation and Then, Now and Tomorrow topics. Or take a different angle and point your lens outside our windows with your photography class and really appreciate your photos when you analyse back in the classroom.  Sydney Tower Eye offers complimentary Study Resources for stages 1-5, which touch on a range of subjects - Geography, History, Maths, Science, and more.  These resources will help guide students along the Observation Deck while they link their excursion back to current curriculum. 

High school students can also upgrade their ticket to include SKYWALK, Sydney's tallest outdoor experience. SKYWALK is an exhilarating 45 minute walk on top of the Sydney Tower, in which expert guides provide fascinating insights about Sydney and beyond.

All this from an accessible and convenient location in the heart of the city, offering ideal proximity to other educational landmarks.

Sydney Tower Eye
Sydney Tower Eye, Westfield Sydney 100 Market Street
New South Wales

$11 per student