St Brigid's Catholic Primary School

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The Central Highlands has a proud tradition of Catholic Education dating back to 1902. St Brigid's was opened by the Diocesan Catholic Education Office in 2014 in response to an increase in population and demand for Catholic Education in the Central Highlands. St Brigid's began its foundation year in 2014 with student enrolments from Prep to Year 6. The successful commencement of the school is attributed to the close, complimentary relationships enjoyed amongst the staff, students, the parents and parish community. Our school is a part of the St. Patrick's Parish and is continuing to develop strong links within the community who play an active role in the spiritual and wider life of St Brigid's Catholic Primary School. Our school, as a part of the parish, endeavours to be involved with parish activities and maintain open lines of communication with the wider parish community. Our Parish Priest, Fr Stephen Hanly was a member of the steering committee and continues to play an active role within the school. A parish representative will also be a member of the school board. Our Principal and staff are members of the parish committees ensuring continued communication between both.

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