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Second Nature Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is a family owned business based on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia), providing services to Australian and International schools .

Our programs are developed specifically for primary and secondary schools (K/Prep-Year 12). We deliver programs all over Australia and throughout 31 countries.

We have a team of experienced, charismatic staff that have extensive practical and theoretical experience working with groups in the field.   All our programs and services provide rich and meaningful learning experiences for students improve local livelihoods and support conservation programs.

Environment-based Excursions & Incursions

We develop and deliver individually tailored environmental and cultural educational services. These programs teach students the importance of conserving their natural and cultural resources.

As a result, schools have been able to fulfil their national curriculum requirements and provide students with real life practical experiences through field-based teaching (Excursions and camps), and the possibility to exchange with internationally award-winning industry professionals.

Our staff motivate change of attitude and facilitate an understanding on how students’ daily lives can impact our fragile natural environment and on multi-cultural awareness.  All our programs provide experiences for the opportunity of life-long learning.

Habitat-based excursions/ incursions can be delivered on habitats such as:

  • Rainforests
  • Rocky shores
  • Mangroves
  • Coral reefs
  • Built environment
  • Catchments
  • Semi-arid
  • Desert

Cultural-based Excursions & Incursions

Cultural education programs can be delivered in-class (with our mobile museum of tribal artefacts and craft activities) or at a cultural heritage site with a focus on:

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island culture
  • Australian non-indigenous heritage
  • South East Asian cultures
  • Pacific island cultures
  • European culture

Travel & Guiding services

We offer complete-packaged tours to a variety of special destinations around the world to suit your school’s needs and budget!  Tailor-made packages provide our participants with opportunities to visit areas of cultural, natural and religious significance.

Itineraries include visits to local projects that aim to improve livelihoods and tackle local problems such as health, conservation and education. We offer programs to Australia and countries in South Asia, South East and East Asia, many PacificIslands, North and Central America and Europe.

For those interested in specific programs we also offer itineraries based on bush-walking, bird-watching, history and adventure. We are able to tailor programs to your group’s specific requirements, and can develop national and international itineraries to suit your needs and budget.  There are many examples of specialist itineraries on our website.

Suitable for: Kindergarten through to Year 12

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