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NGS Super is your industry super fund dedicated to education and community-based organisations, run only to benefit members. We help provide financial security for those who work hard to serve the community. Our members are teachers, school staff, mutual finance employees and other community workers who are dedicated to not just doing well, but also to doing good. As their industry super fund, we’re dedicated to the dedicated!

Our promise to members

You’re dedicated to educating, empowering and caring for your community. We’re dedicated to your financial education, empowerment and wellbeing.

From the start of your first job, throughout your career and during retirement, our focus is to provide the best financial outcome we can give you - peace of mind, security and a lifestyle to enjoy when your life’s work is done.

We're your Industry SuperFund dedicated to education and community based organisations, run only to benefit members. Here’s what it means for you:

Dedicated, ongoing support for you and your industry

We make sure your super is completely aligned with your work and your situation and provide:

  • professional development opportunities through scholarship awards and grants
  • sponsorship of industry conferences and events
  • ongoing face-to-face forums for you to provide feedback on the things you need and want from your super fund
  • regular workplace visits to provide information and answer your individual questions
  • proactive contact of members by phone to provide help and answer questions.

Super made easy

We make everything as straightforward as possible so you spend less time and energy on managing your finances:

  • 24/7 online and mobile access to your account information
  • access to dedicated professionals for help and guidance
  • personal advice provided over the phone on a range of issues
  • regular updates on your super so you know where you stand
  • e-forms to make your transactions and changes quick and easy
  • extended access to help over the phone from 8am to 8pm (AEST).

Financial smarts

Knowledge is power so we work hard to help you make informed decisions:

  • NGS Financial Planning provides you with personal advice to help you identify your goals and the lifestyle you want and develops strategies to achieve them
  • easy-to-use online education tools and services help you to build your knowledge in your own time and on your own terms
  • broad range of ongoing communications allows you to choose how you improve your knowledge base - fact sheetsmagazinesresources, social mediavideos
  • workplace information sessions and seminars keep you informed
  • True Wealth provides information on wealth, retirement and lifestyle topics as well as social responsibility, education and developing children
  • NGS seminars and events held in locations across Australia on a range of topics provide financial education.

High performance, high value

NGS Super is dedicated to growing sustainably so we can deliver security, strength, stability and returns to you while driving down costs. Today we have over 105,000 members and $6 billion in funds. Our focus is to deliver more money in your pocket:

  • strong performing Industry SuperFund since 1988
  • high industry ratings from independent research houses*
  • low fees and no commissions
  • flexible investment options so your investment can be aligned to your individual situation.

*Chant West and SuperRatings

Want more proof?

You can read more about why we're your partner in super.

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