Mount Austin Public School

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Mount Austin Public School is located in a large regional city, serving a diverse population within a low socio-economic community. There are currently 263 students who attend the school, representing 16 different nationalities, including 79 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and 62 students with an English as a Second Language background. There is a mixture of highly-experienced, mid-career and beginner teachers at the school. Teaching and Learning programs at the school are well supported by funding under

* Early Action for Success

* Resource Allocation Model (RAM)

* Funding Support

* EAL/D staffing entitlement

* Targeted refugee funding 

The Mount Austin Public School staff and parents believe in caring and encouraging all students to develop a sense of worth and to reach their full potential in all areas. This philosophy is supported by programs that emphasise student and parent participation. The school receives support from the RAM as well as the Early Action for Success program, both of which are state government funded. Funds from state sources are used to provide a high level of resourcing and support for staff and students to access quality educational programs. A large number of student welfare initiatives are in place to support students in their endeavours at school such as the Positive Behaviour for Learning Program and community support through a Breakfast program. The school also employs a Speech Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist and a Student Welfare Worker using RAM funds. The school is an Early Action for Success partner, and an Instructional Leader position has been continued for 2021. The school also employs several additional teachers as Interventionists. This has led to improved curriculum implementation and quality teaching using stringent data analysis.

Bourke St
Mount Austin
New South Wales
Bourke St
Mount Austin, New South Wales, Australia