Indonesian Teachers Association of South Australia (INTAN)

Professional development / Last updated 4 years, 8 months ago

INTAN is the Indonesian Teachers’ Association of South Australia and is the body and voice of teachers of the Indonesian language and culture from across all South Australian education sectors.

According to the Constitution, the association aims to:

  • support and further the study and teaching of the Indonesian language and culture in school at all levels, universities and other institutions of learning;
  • offer support to all teachers and students of Indonesian on matters of concern;
  • foster contact by teachers and students with speakers of Indonesian in the community and abroad;
  • co-operate with other institutions, societies, associations or other bodies that have an interest in the study and/or teaching of the Indonesian language and culture.
  • INTAN offers membership to all educators of Indonesian, and members are drawn from the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), Catholic Education SA (CESA) and the Association of Independent Schools of SA (AISSA). The INTAN Committee:
  • advocates for teachers of Indonesian across all education sectors including AISSA, DECD and CESA
  • organises and presents professional learning activities on a regular basis for teachers
  • keeps teachers informed of matters of interest through regular newsletters and email updates
  • organises the Annual INTAN Conference
  • provides feedback and responds to education departmental initiatives and documents
  • provides representation on the Modern Language Teachers’ Association (MLTASA) and Council of Educational Associations of South Australia (CEASA)
  • liaises with the tertiary sector to enhance professional development opportunities for teachers
  • supports the work of the Australia-Indonesia Association of South Australia (AIA)
  • provides information about events and contacts with the Indonesian community in South Australia
  • works closely to advise and support community events such as the OzAsia Festival and INDOfest

INTAN maintains strong links with the University of South Australia, Flinders University, Australian-Indonesian Association of South Australia (AIASA), CEASA, MLTASA, Indonesian Students’ Association of South Australia, the SACE Board, and various other professional associations and community organisations.

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