Centennial Park School

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Centennial Park School enrols up to 42 students in Years 7 to 12, including 10% Aboriginal students. It is a school for specific purposes for students who are experiencing difficulty in managing their behaviour and emotions in a regular school setting. The school incorporates five classrooms, an assembly/recreation room, music and visual arts classrooms and a school gym and is located at Randwick. The staff work at developing positive communications and supportive relationships with students, parents, carers and other schools. Each student has a personalised learning plan to assist in his or her learning. The school and community maintain high expectations for successful reintegration into their referring school, where appropriate. The school supports the transition of all students in the school and all staff are committed to developing the individual strengths of students. A diverse range of programs are provided to students, including visual arts, gardening, sport, food technology, information communication technology (ICT) and music, which are supported by the teachers and school learning support officers in the school. The school is in the process of developing and maintaining links with TAFE and other industries with a focus on Key Stages 5 and 6 transitions into the wider community. 


50 Te Kuiti Road
New Zealand