Cecil Hills High School

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Cecil Hills High School is a comprehensive coeducational high school with an enrolment of 1413 students (Year 7 to Year 12), including 81% of students who are from a non-English speaking background.  Our school has a support unit.  We foster an excellent reputation in the local community and celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2016. Our school has a history of outstanding academic success and high expectations in all curriculum areas.  Our welfare, extra-curricular and sports programs develop leadership, resilience and responsibility in students.  Our teachers have a strategic focus on developing:


1. respectful, responsible and successful learners

2. flexible, future-focused and innovative teaching practices

3. leaders as community change agents


Our school has a highly committed staff and is a positive learning environment where academic success and student wellbeing are at the forefront of decision-making.


The school is experiencing significant enrolment growth at present and this is expected to continue into the future.  The proposed Western Sydney Airport is in the school’s drawing area and will provide significant employment and training links for our school when constructed. 


We are looking for a dedicated teacher to join our school.  An applicant who meets only some of the approval codes should contact the school to discuss their eligibility to apply for the position.  Further information on the school may be obtained from the school’s website at www.cecilhillshigh.nsw.edu.au.

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