Australian National Choral Association (ANCA)

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The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) incorporated was established in 1990 from the merger of two associations, the Australian Choral Association (ACA) and the Australian Choral Conductors Association (ACCA). The formation of ANCA took place at the ACCA National Conference in July 1989 and was seen as a bench mark for development in quality and quantity of choral directors, choirs and choral literature.

What Can ANCA Do For Me?


  • ANCA offers professional workshops on choral conducting
  • ANCA provides workshops for Choristers
  • ANCA has chapters in all states, and you can liaise with others for the advancement of choral music
  • ANCA organises International Conductors to come to Australia offering the opportunity to have a workshop with your choir
  • ANCA provides workshops and sessions in all different aspects of Choir training.
  • As a member you receive the magazine Sing Out, a magazine dedicated to Choral work.
  • As a member you can register for the online  "ChoralENews" newsletter
  • As a member you will receive the State newsletter in your home state
  • ANCA offers the best value for money Public Liability cover for choirs
  • Through ANCA, choirs can be covered for Public Liability when and where they perform up to $20.000.000 limit liability
  • Through ANCA, individuals and choirs can be covered with Volunteer Accident Insurance
  • ANCA offers, free of charges, extensive coverage for members on our Web Site. ANCA have access to a wide spectrum of choral works
  • Individual members and nominated person/s from a choir/school membership may attend ANCA functions at a reduced rate

Should you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us

03 9254 1041
ANCA c/o Stockdale ACS 3/6 Atherton Rd Oakleigh, Vic 3166