School IP Address

To enable you to have access to our publications and premium content without logging in, we require your IP address.

The easiest way to find your IP address is to visit and locate your address.

We need to have a public IP address or a range of public IP addresses used by your organisation for internet communication in a standard human-readable format (quad-dotted notation of four decimal integers, ranging from 0 to 255 each). IP address value is enough, we currently ignore port numbers when identifying connections coming from the school grounds.
Some examples of proper IP address input we expect to receive from you: -,

We may accept CIDR notation if it's easier for you.
We currently only support IPv4. If your organization relies on using IPv6 for internet communication, please let us know, we'll find a workaround for you.

If your school does not have a static IP address, please visit this help article to import users.

To submit your school's IP address, please complete the form below and our support team will activate your access.

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