Year 4 Literacy Lesson Plans

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Subjects & Topics "Computing / Digital literacy", "English", "English / Whole School Literacy", "English language learning / Links to other subjects"
Year Levels Year 4
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Over 20 curriculum-focused literacy-technology lessson plans  adaptable and flexible for every classroom, which comes included with ICT teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, strategic knowledge on ICT tools for lessons to boost your ICT competence and much more. Take a look now!

Key Themes include:

  • Curriculum connections;
  • Curriculum maps;
  • Teacher competence in ICT - what you need to know?
  • Teacher reflection activities;
  • Literacy-ICT teaching strategies;
  • Assess the use of ICT in Literacy lessons;
  • Overcoming difficulties in the classroom;
  • Organising the classroom;
  • Providing an inclusive classroom environment;
  • Classroom management strategies;
  • Curriculum activities;
  • Visual literacy activities and;
  • Cross-currricular activities.
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