Understanding Everyday Maths 2

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Subjects & Topics "Mathematics", "Mathematics / Number", "Mathematics / Algebra", "Mathematics / Data and statistics", "Mathematics / Geometry and measures"
Year Levels Year 5, Year 6
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(This is an Australian Curriculum Photocopy masters - 60 pages)

Understanding Everyday Maths 2 is the second book in a two-part series which has been written by an experienced maths teacher.

Enjoyable, creative and relevant – that’s what your maths lessons will become when purchasing this resource. Students will read three separate engaging and uplifting stories which scaffold and teach core concepts in the maths Australian curriculum. Using the stories, students will complete set activity sheets to demonstrate and check their understanding of maths skills. To support the busy teacher, answers are provided at the back of the book. Every Year 6 and Year 7 teacher will find this a valuable resource.

Section 1: Numbers and Algebra The Holiday
Section 2: Statistics and Probability The Party
Section 3: Geometry and Measurement Christmas Elves

Author: Carmel Iaria

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