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Subjects & Topics "English / Grammar and punctuation", "English / Speaking and listening", "English / Phonics and spelling", "English / Creative writing", "English"
Year Levels Foundation
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(This is an Australian Curriculum Photocopy masters - 64 pages)

The English Series: Foundation is closely linked to the new v8.1 Australian English curriculum.

The activities in this resource revolve around: four poems, a Dreaming style story, two short imaginative texts, an informative text, a traditional tale from Nigeria and an Aesop’s fable. Students will be able to show their understanding through: listening, beginning reading and writing, labelling, matching, drawing, sequencing, highlighting, discussing, role playing, ticking and crossing, creating, circling, copying, cutting and pasting, cloze activities, playing games, identifying and drawing on their prior knowledge.

Each page in The English Series: Foundation, has been typeset to deliberately appeal to the Foundation age group and the illustrations add meaning and purpose to the information. Teachers will be inspired to create additional activities based on the texts to extend learning and understanding.

This book is part of The English Series, which consists of seven books altogether.

Author: Yolanda Cool

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