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Terms and conditions

User Uploaded Content

  1. You the seller warrant that you can upload User Uploaded content to EducationHQ Resources to be either shared for free of offered for purchase and you represent and warrant that you have the right to upload the content, either because you have the IP rights or permission from those who do have the rights to the content.
  2. If you are the owner of the of the IP you will continue to own all of the IP rights in and to that User Uploaded content but you grant rights to others to use it.
  3. You are able to modify or remove your User Uploaded content as you wish at any time.
  4. Users of our Websites require a licence from you to download or otherwise use your User Uploaded content.  You shall apply to the User Uploaded Content one of the available licences, the range of which is at our discretion and may change from time to time. It will be available for selection at the time of uploading content.
  5. The licence will allow EducationHQ  the right to use, preproduce, publish, distribute and display the User Uploaded Content platforms available worldwide.
  6. The licence will allow buyers to download and use the User Uploaded Content.
  7. EducationHQ reserves the right to remove any content that is generally for any reason including but not limited to a suspected breach of copyright, is in any way or that it infringes any law.
  8. Terms and conditions are updated from time to time and these changes will be applicable to all Users.


  1. Buyers have the opportunity to view and select User Uploaded Content made available to be downloaded by Sellers.  This Content is either listed and capable of download for free or is available for a fee.
  2. Content downloaded is able to be used for an indefinite period after it has been either purchased or downloaded for free.  As the Buyer has the right to modify or remove the content at any time, buyers are advised to immediately download the selected content to ensure it remains available for their use.
  3. Given that resources are delivered electronically it is difficult to return an item once it has been purchased.
  4. In certain exceptional circumstances, buyers may request a refund which is at the discretion of EducationHQ.  Refunds will only be given where EducationHQ, determines that the content uploaded is not what was described by the seller or if there has been a breach of IP rights.  Contact to request a refund.
  5. Buyers understand that the permitted use of resources is for educational use only and not for commercial purposes.


  1. The seller warrants that it has all necessary rights and approvals to make available the User Uploaded content to Third Parties. This includes text, images and videos that may be contained in the content file.
  2. Sellers will earn 80% commission on the sale of their resources less a 35 cent transaction fee.  The transaction fee is applied to each sale. If any tax is payable, EducationHQ has the right to deduct the tax from the balance of the 20% commission payable to the seller. (this may change depending on your tax advice).
  3. Payment of your account is automatically processed each Monday when your available balance reaches $10.  This applies to any currency available across the EducationHQ platform.
  4. An available balance relates to funds that have been cleared from purchases via the Stripe platform net of EducationHQ commission and Stripe fees.
  5. Payments are made to the bank account nominated by the seller. EducationHQ is not responsible if the seller provides incorrect and up to date bank details.
  6. Any refunds provided to buyers will be communicated to the seller by email and any fees returned to buyers will be deducted from an existing balance.  If there is no existing balance, EducationHQ has the right to seek repayment from the seller, who must pay any outstanding money within 7 days.  The Seller is not entitled to request a disbursement of funds accumulated in the account until all moneys owing to EducationHQ have been repaid.
  7. User uploaded content may receive positive and negative comments from users of the website. We do not monitor, edit or vet comments but if you believe that the comments are in breach of our terms and conditions or in some way not justified, you can report this to We will take down any comments we determine appropriate to be removed.
  8. Seller may choose to sell their resource individually for a minimum price of $2, or may sell as a school licence for a minimum of $10.

General Terms

  1. Buyers and sellers agree that EducationHQ in its sole discretion may terminate or suspend use of an account. 
  2. This agreement is governed by the laws of Victoria and all parties agree to defer to the laws in Victoria in the case of a dispute.
  3. Education HQ does not provide any guarantee that the information provided in the material is accurate and does not ascribe to any view or opinion contained in any User Uploaded content. No warranty is provided as to the suitability or quality of the content.


For further questions, please contact