Solving Maths Problems for Years 5-6

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Subjects & Topics "Mathematics", "Mathematics / Number", "Mathematics / Algebra", "Mathematics / Data and statistics", "Mathematics / Geometry and measures"
Year Levels Year 5, Year 6
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(This is an Australian Curriculum Photocopy masters - 64 pages)

Solving Maths Problems for Years 5-6 contains a series of open-ended engaging Maths problems which revolve around creatively written stories. The stories tell of situations in which the students are likely to find themselves – so the problems are placed in real life everyday contexts.

Support and extension questions are provided to help and challenge students of different abilities. Solving Maths Problems For Years 5-6 will make a great addition to your Maths resources.

This book belongs to the Solving Maths Problems series, consisting of three books and is linked closely to the new v8.1 Australian curriculum.

Author: Anita Green

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