First Aid Scenario Cards using DRSABCD

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Practise first aid responses with these teen and young adult friendly scenario printables that use real photo prompts and clear, easy to understand text. The scenarios encourage students to use the DRSABCD approach to help them safely assess the situation and then consider the appropriate steps they would take in managing it. 


The pages can be printed and shared amongst pairs or groups, or completed individually by students to provide practise of previously learnt skills. The cards can also be used to develop inquiry learning by providing some open ended scenarios where students can research the topic and find out more information.


Scenarios range from simple, easy to manage situations with a straight forward first aid action required, through to complex situations needing emergency services support. There are 18 scenarios included in the resource.

Scenarios include:

  • fall from horse
  • hit by car
  • laceration from hammer
  • tripped over fence
  • spider bite
  • poisonous mushrooms
  • choking
  • headache
  • struck by lightning
  • sore finger
  • near drowning
  • possible heat stroke

Each scenario is printed on a separate page, with space for students to fill in their ideas using the DRSABCD prompts. 

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