Bangarra Dance Theatre - Moth

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Year Levels Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
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The qualities of the dancers' movements shows how dance can tell a story by creating interesting dynamics through movement. In the dance Moth, the dancers illustrate the way the moth feels the air for the first time beyond the protection of the cocoon. The two dancers interact and support each other using partnering techniques (pas de deux). Moth demonstrates the choreographic possibilities of movements inspired by the biological attributes of animals as they relate to their own unique physical features. Examples of this are quick expansions and contractions of movements, small shifts to inhabit another space, and soft movements that have faded endings. The set, lighting and costume design enrich the atmosphere of the dance and the music elements underpin the dance elements to enhance the defining qualities of the dance.
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Bangarra Dance Theatre, Moth (for Years 3-4).
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Bangarra Dance Theatre, Moth (for Years 5-6).
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Bangarra Dance Theatre, Moth.
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