Through a combination of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, Notre Dame is equipping students with the necessary skills, qualifications and access to financial support  to excel in the teaching field and progress into leadership positions.

To make this pathway even more accessible, students can take advantage of Commonwealth Teaching Scholarships. The scholarships, provided by the Australian Government, offer financial support of up to $40,000 per student to cover the costs of undergraduate or postgraduate education in teaching. In exchange, recipients commit to teaching in government schools or government-run early learning settings upon graduation. With only 1000 places a year though, scholarships are limited.

Aspiring teachers can take the first step by enrolling in the Bachelor of Primary Education program, a four-year teaching degree recognised for its excellence and accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority. Notre Dame's Bachelor of Primary Education provides students with a well-rounded program, combining educational theory, practical classroom learning, and valuable professional experience at prior to school/early childhood settings and primary schools.

One notable feature of the Bachelor of Primary Education is its recognition by the International Baccalaureate (IB) organisation. Selected graduates have the opportunity to receive the highly regarded IB certificate in teaching and learning qualification, opening doors to teaching positions in IB schools worldwide. With a focus on evidence-based learning and teaching approaches, inclusive pedagogy, advanced literacy and numeracy skills, scholarly practice and research, Notre Dame's Bachelor of Primary Education program prepares graduates to thrive in a variety of educational settings.

For those looking to advance their teaching career and take on leadership roles, Notre Dame also offers a Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management). This postgraduate program is designed for experienced educators who seek to deepen their knowledge and skills in areas such as educational leadership, managing change, strategic planning, policy development and organisational management. The flexible online format allows students to complete their study within as little as 6 months or to study at their own pace while balancing other commitments.

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management), teaching professionals are well positioned to pursue leadership positions within educational institutions, schools or government departments. This program empowers educators to make a significant impact in the field of education and contribute to shaping the future of teaching in Australia.

By combining the comprehensive education provided by the Bachelor of Primary Education program with the financial support of Commonwealth Teaching Scholarships and the opportunity for career advancement through the Graduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management), Notre Dame offers a holistic pathway for aspiring educators and experienced teachers alike. This partnership enables individuals to thrive in their teaching careers, acquire leadership skills and make a positive impact on the lives of young learners.

Enrolment for the programs is now open, and interested individuals are encouraged to visit for more information and application details.

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