Federal ministers, including the Minister for Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil, the Minister for Youth, Anne Aly, and the Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland, along with Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention and Assistant Minister for Rural and Regional Health, Emma McBride, heard insights from members of the community, expert practitioners and researchers who specialise in countering violent extremism.

Prior to the Summit, O’Neil lamented that the consequences of youth radicalisation can be horrific – both for the community, and the individuals involved.

“This is a growing problem which affects some of the most vulnerable members of our community,” she said.

“We know the radicalisation of young people to violent extremism can occur quickly and without the knowledge of family or friends.

“Our agencies do a huge amount of work identifying people at risk and diverting them from these dangerous pathways.”

The Summit explored the importance of engaging youth in efforts to combat radicalisation to violent extremism among young people, with participants agreeing on the importance of a whole-of-nation approach and deeper engagement with partners in sectors such as youth, health, social services and education, and in the wider Australian community.

Aly said she and her department are acutely aware of the importance of working across government and with young people to develop solutions on issues that impact them.

“Through our Government’s Youth Engagement Model, we are able to draw on the lived experience, knowledge and advice of young people to inform government decision-making,” she said.

Aly said the Federal Government is focused on addressing threats to community safety, while meeting the needs of young people who are vulnerable to violent extremist influences in our community.

The Government is committed, it said in a statement, to working across all levels of government and with community partners to address the issue of youth radicalisation and to ensure practitioners have the best tools and resources to do their job.