On my way to the school that morning I stopped off around the corner to order my daily caffeine fix at a local Gosnell’s café. You’d be mistaken for thinking the establishment was in a small rural area where affectionately ‘everyone knows your name’. The barista lovingly decorates my take-away coffee with the care, finesse & the attention-to-detail of an artist. A middle aged Italian man with a big personality who obviously enjoys his role front & centre as he welcomes the regulars each day by name “hey Ruby, how come you’re not a school today?” and “Jim, how that new dog of yours going?, did you get that stain out of the rug?”

It’s this all-inclusive sense of community that’s also mirrored by the staff, Principal & students at St Munchin’s. The community spirit of this 350-student catholic school thrives in a low socio-economic area south of Perth because it celebrates the relationships which exist between all members of their diverse school community and the contribution made by local groups.

I arrive at the school to meet Sharon on the front desk who can’t do enough for me during my visit. Robert Romeo, the principal is equally as welcoming. He shows me to where our furniture is situated as we walk & talk. A number of sleek, shiny tables, in several different colours sit in the purpose built undercover area at St Munchin’s and Rob talks to me about the difference Grillex furniture has made to their outdoor space “It’s really encouraged indoor-outdoor learning & an opportunity for students to sit in small groups and actually do group work” he tells me.

As we stand talking & taking photos, the morning bell rings & a swarm of 300 or so students come running towards us from all directions, dodging Rob & I as they all try and get in first, to sit at the rainbow coloured tables “As you can see, the kids absolutely love the furniture….they scramble at each recess bell through to lunch to make sure they actually get a seat”

It was lovely to witness such a sense of care & community on this visit to WA & Grillex sincerely thanks Rob, the staff & students at St Munchin’s for taking the time to show us around. The coffee was exceptional as well.

To see more on Grillex’s St Munchin’s Catholic Primary School project visit https://grillex.wistia.com/medias/qm5c7tzrdr

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