In today’s classrooms, new interactive learning techniques - such as the use of interactive flat panels - are rapidly becoming the norm in the continual effort to boost student engagement and performance.

But many of the activities involved in group interactive learning can unknowingly spread dangerous pathogens to other students, their families, and others.

In group learning environments, students are writing on interactive boards with their fingers, doing group activities together, and maybe solving the same problem side by side on the same display.

While these activities help students to learn, they can also be a means by which nasty germs are spread.

Thankfully, BenQ has designed health-focused technology in the form of germ-resistant screens, which can provide teachers with measures to help fight off germs and infections in the classroom, whilst still delivering an interactive and engaging learning experience for students.

BenQ’s new Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) feature a silver ion coating which can effectively eliminate most germs on contact, reducing transmission through daily use.

While the vast majority of interactive displays sold in Australia today use standard off-the-shelf glass, the glass used in the BenQ RP series is different.

The Germ-Resistant Screen is empowered by a multilayer coating of a nano-ionic silver agent that kills most germs accumulating on screen surfaces and prevents cross-infection in classrooms. The antimicrobial feature also remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.

Each BenQ panel is certified against two major types of bacteria:

  • E-coli (Escherichia coli): E-coli is a well-known pathogen and has an exceptionally long-life span on surfaces. One study indicates that the bacteria can live 90 days either in the soil or on different types of surfaces. The BenQ interactive panels with silver ion nanotechnology were proven effective at reducing E-coli on the screen.
  • Staphylococcus: This dangerous bacterium can spread from person to person by direct contact or through contaminated objects, or, less often, by inhalation of infected droplets dispersed by sneezing or coughing.

The display’s germ defeating feature has also been tested and certified by TÜV – the world’s leading inspection and verification company, providing internationally approved testing services to verify product quality and performance.

These features support a healthy learning environment in the classroom and can be found in BenQ’s 4K UHD 65” Education Interactive Flat Panel Display RP6501K model.                           

Other BenQ Interactive Panel safety features include an air quality sensor that helps monitor indoor CO2 concentration level in classrooms, a flicker-free feature that has been certified by TÜV as eliminating LED flicker, and low-blue light mode that reduces exposure to harmful blue light from the panel.

For more information on BenQ's IFP range visit here